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Notice is hereby given that the Semi-Annual Meeting of the Municipal Electric Utilities Association of New York State will be held at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Destiny USA, 311 Hiawatha Blvd W, Syracuse, NY 13204 on April 12 and April 13, 2022 for the transaction of such business as may be properly brought before the meeting.


MEUA Municipal Members: How to Register for this Event


  1. Click Here to Register Online for the MEUA Semi Annual Conference         

  2. Print the Fill-In Resolution Form to be completed by your Board of Directors or Commission and submit to Narin at 

  3. Book your hotel accommodations at the Embassy Suites Destiny USA by calling the reservation line at 315-303-1650 or by clicking on the link below. (Link unavailable until further notice)

  4. Pay your MEUA Registration Fees

The MEUA requires that each municipal system submit a Board of Directors/Commission approved resolution designating a specific individual to cast all votes on behalf of his/her municipality. This individual, also know as the "voting delegate" will attend all MEUA meetings during the event and share all findings with his/her Municipality. 

In the event that a municipal representative is unable to attend,  the municipality may select an outside delegate from another system to cast their vote. Please be sure to submit the Fill-In Resolution Form; Proxy Version to name your Municipality's delegate or to name the MEUA Executive Committee as the entity who will cast your Municipality's vote. 

Please click on the links below to access the MEUA printable sample resolution forms.

  • Fill-In Resolution Form (Please use this form to designate a delegate from within your Municipality to represent your Municipality on issues the membership will vote on.)

  • Fill-In Resolution Form; Proxy Version (Please use this form if you cannot attend and wish to designate the Executive Committee or another outside delegate to represent your Municipality on issues the membership will vote on.)

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